Adversary Workers Homespun: Review of Vide Poche



Christian Schaeffer reviews local leftist punks the Adversary Workers in this week's paper. He says:

On many of these tracks, the Adversary Workers come off as a more streamlined Fugazi, trading the D.C. band's guitar interplay and stop/start dynamics for a more brash, guileless form of punk rock. Singer and guitarist Joe Wetteroth approaches the aural sneer of Guy Picciotto but usually opts for a full-on howl — it's the only way to be heard over the din of rumbling bass and scattershot drums. Lyrically, these eight songs are a sampler platter of leftist concerns: suburban sprawl, women's rights and religious intolerance receive an airing on the record.

As is the case in most politically charged music, the Workers are preaching to the choir. And while the songs may not change too many hearts and minds, it's good to know that good-old righteous punk rock is alive and well in St. Louis.

Read more at the link, but until then take a gander at "From the Ashes of Gaslight Square" after the jump.

-- Annie Zaleski