Lofistl.com's The Circuit: Social Networking with a Technological Twist



Wasting time on the Internet all day is made far easier by the abundance of social-networking sites out there. I personally am on MySpace, Facebook and Friendster, in various forms or another.

But I'm mighty impressed by The Circuit, the new Web site founded and run by lofistl.com's Bill Streeter. The site's genius is in its seamless integration of technological bells and whistles. Message boards, sound files, podcasts, videos, comments, friends' lists, personal profiles, band profiles, groups, venues, show information -- all of them are in one easy-to-use user homepage that's well-designed and easy to navigate.

From chatter on the TIRC mailing list, I know people are trying to make this site a one-stop shop for show, venue and band information in St. Louis. Which is a fantastic idea: Why go on a wild goose chase around the Internet to gather the info you need, when it's all compiled in one place? So go check it out and add a profile of your own. I'm on there and, uh, rather easy to find.

-- Annie Zaleski