Red Water Revival Homespun: Review of In The Frostbidden Years



In this week's homespun, Christian Schaeffer examines Red Water Revival's In the Frostbidden Years (yes, which was nominated for Best Local Album: Self-Released in this year's music awards). He had this to say, among other things:

In the Frostbidden Years comes with a narrative slightly less complicated than a Coheed & Cambria album. The sub-Vonnegut short story in the liner notes alludes to a dystopian future that includes melting ice caps, a self-possessed king and a savior who travels by an aerial wind boat. But don’t let these details scare you away: While the narrative that drives these songs can seem a little bit heady or highfalutin, the band steers clear of prog-rock jack-offery. Instead, the five-piece opts for a slightly bluesy, psychedelic strain of rock & roll with equal debts to Led Zeppelin, the Drive-By Truckers and Spiritualized. "In the Fairest of the Seasons/An Odd-Numbered Year” swaggers with the fuzzed-out guitars and righteous vocals of a White Stripes track...

Here are two tracks for your listening pleasure after the jump:

"The Secret Life of Spaceghost Macgee"

"In the Fairest Of Seasons/An Odd Numbered Year"

-- Annie Zaleski