Live Earth Noise Pollution: The Police, Kanye West, John Mayer



Were you disappointed with the Police’s July 2 St. Louis show? Turned off by the Best Buy sponsorship, put out by ill-advised reggae break downs and let down by the new arrangements of old songs?

Well, it could have been a lot worse.

Yes, that is John “New Guitar God” Mayer and Kanye (or “Kane” if you’re Sting) West, on stage with the Police, absolutely murdering “Message in Bottle,” at Live Earth’s East Rutherford, New Jersey, show. Kanye’s contribution: “Put your hands in the air, we gonna elect John for mayor.”

The best part, though, is watching Sting’s face as Kanye shouts “Uh!” and “Yeah,” in the most heinous mix of hip-hop and new-wave since Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” had mid-'90s middle schoolers (ed. note: Or high schoolers...) slow-dancing the night away.

Message, in a bottle or not, to the Police: Lose the teleprompter and learn the names of your on-stage guests.

-Keegan Hamilton