Local Concerts this weekend in St. Louis



I'm not here this weekend, but that doesn't mean the rock has stopped.

Friday, July 6 *The Conformists are doing an in-store performance at 7 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl, to celebrate the release of its album, 300. This is the band that once rented a flatbed truck and performed outside various venues, since they weren't invited to play the music showcase, so I suggest going and seeing what shenanigans they cook up.

*It's the indie-rock ice cream social at Off Broadway! Featuring Gentleman Auction House, Canada, Jumbling Towers and Caleb Travers -- and ice cream from Serendipity. Mmm.

Saturday, July 7 *At Mangia, check out a rare appearance by the Helium Tapes -- I know they're in the midst of crafting an album, so attendance is recommended -- and Red Eyed Driver, who I believe is breaking up.

*The Schlafly Tap Room is somehow turning into a punk speakeasy tonight, with a triple-threat bill featuring the Help, the Adversary Workers and Nerve Parade.

*Speaking of punk, the Hail Marys are at the Way Out Club.

Sunday, July 8 *aPop records sent out a mysterious MySpace bulletin about a show taking place at CAMP Concentration (which is ostensibly located beneath aPop, whose address is 2831 Cherokee Street), with yhpargonroP dlihC / Yvonne. 10 p.m.

-- Annie Zaleski