The Long Winters' John Roderick Doesn't Hate Everything -- or, The Commander Eats Aloud



Much has been made around the blogosphere this week about the diary John Roderick of the Long Winters kept about Bonnaroo. (For excellent exclusive photos of the event -- including one of Beatle Bob dancing and Jeff Tweedy playing baseball -- go here!)

In a nutshell, he hated almost everything -- although he described bands in a hilarious way. For instance, about the Hold Steady: "I felt like I was at a dot-com Christmas party and a bunch of drunk webmasters got up on stage to jam, with the company cut-up rapping their mission-statement out of a three-ring binder. And everyone at the party said, 'Whoa, those guys are actually good. They should form a band.'"

But Roderick certainly didn't hate the food he had at Blueberry Hill when the Long Winters swung through town in early April. No, as A to Z operative Mike Cracchiolo found, the cranky critic loved the Hill's chili-burger. To wit:

Step one: Open the burger.


Step two: Pour chili over the burger.


Step three: Tasty synchronicity!


--Annie Zaleski