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In my column this week, I let bands in town say why you should vote for them in this year's music awards competition. But since voting goes through Sunday, June 3, here are a few more pleas from bands!

“We are from St. Louis, where the red rocker is king. so what do we do? Write paradoxical new classics, for the right reason: no reason at all. We're a scene unto ourselves. Our songs walk the walk and our name doesn't start with ‘the.’” – Eric Clay, Team Tomato P.S. We really don't like Sammy Hagar.

“Ladie and gentleman of the Lou -- humble, gentle beings that we are -- we find ourselves hard-pressed to convey our merits in attempts to secure your coveted vote for "Best New Artist." We'll let the critics do the talking:

--HOTK, an orgy of measured intelligence and songcraft, collectively exploding in your mouth when you least expected it." --A melodramatic hum in an otherwise static laden waveform known as local indie rock. Heroes Of The Kingdom. Nathan, Micah, Bruce, and Chris." --Dramatically rescuing post-modern, hardcore wannabe's from commercial coyote attack, and nurturing them back to health, only to slay them with cunning live theatrics, it's HOTK. Nathan, Chris, Micah, and Bruce." --Coming dangerously close to veering off the coastal highway of self-denial, and turning it in to underground legend. HOTK." --Music to give your ex-girlfriend on a mix tape, ensuring baffled amazement. Heroes. Micah, Bruce, Chris and Nathan." --Providing you with generous amount of banal rock-star posturing for over 58 weeks, it’s Heroes of the Kingdom!" --It's not hardcore, it's Hero-core." --Blistering rock instrument pyrotechnics framed in fragile melody, amplified by solar electric apparatus, sweating a sea of naughty-boy love songs, gingerly playing off of your fanboy adulation and putting the twinkle back in your long-time girlfriend’s eye. Ladies and gentlemen, local indie rock's newest posterboys of angst and articulation, the meat in your rock & roll sandwich, it's Heroes Of The Kingdom. Micah, Bruce, Chris and Nate Dogg. Please vote for us.” -- Heroes Of The Kingdom

"Stella Mora believes that St. Louis is in need of some refreshment. Though there is a broad age-gap between some of the members, all of us have been in love with the local music scene for years...decades at that. We remember the camaraderie and creativity that spawned as a result, and are excited to see the return of it. Yes, we try to make good music, first and foremost, but we also want to support the scene. We are deserving of this nomination because of our hard-work, out-of-the-box thinking, and extreme reverence to music and this city.

There are leaders and there are followers; those that risk all to create something original and pure, and those who continue to expand on what’s been set before them. We work hard to create something new, but we also pay homage to the leaders of the shoegaze genre who seem long since forgotten: Curve, Ride, Angelfish, etc. We aim to revitalize a special moment in music that seemed to fade before its time. However, our broad range of musical tastes can only lead to us creating something that hasn't quite been done before.'re looking for some juice too, huh? I wish I had some awesome stories of debauchery and rivalry, but we're still babies -- give us time! Actually the best moments come at our band lunches after weekend practices (10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday -- not cool for nightowls; we usually are still in the same clothes from the night before). Patrick, usually quiet and reserved, will say some of the funniest things any human has heard, typically causing us to almost choke on our food. The dangers of drinking are most apparent with Dave, Syrhea and I -- but it's all in good fun. I am known to leave whiskey-induced prank calls on Dave's phone, Syrhea will give unsuspecting people (cute boys usually) piggy-back rides, and Dave will randomly break dishes at his house. And mastermind Greg knows five languages (or something ridiculous like that)." -- Laura Sisul, Stella Mora

"Vote Spark Thugs because we are a human band. We vow never to replace ourselves with look-a-like robots. Spark Thugs is the only St. Louis band to make this commitment. Spark Thugs has been banned by the all-robot venue Chuck E. Cheese’s. While not robots, Spark Thugs rocks so hard you will swear it took NASA decades to create our sound. Disclaimer: Spark Thugs may be all human, but power chords will be used as necessary." -- Carmen Stone, Spark Thugs

Sharon Hall is a passionate musician whose focus has largely been stringed instruments: guitar, dulcimer, mandolin and others within the folk arsenal. Her performances recently have included shows at The Tap Room, The Sheldon Concert Hall, and for the Venezuelan Ambassador in DC. In a typical act of rebellion, her son Eric approached music by way of electronics and is rather fond of what he stumbles across now and again, but he may be wrong. – Eric Hall

The best bands -- those with staying power -- always find a way to grow. Many of you first heard of us through your older brother, or big cous’ or something, and usually (apologies where necessary), they talked about how we always gave ´em a good time. Now we are a band, and that lets us expand in ways that we can’t even predict. Re-vamping, re-energizing, but still true. Midwest Avengers: nice lyrics, great music, good time -- you GOTTA see us! – Midwest Avengers

-- Annie Zaleski

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