Being There (and Here, and There Again)



In this week's music section, writers Jonah Bayer and Ian Froeb dissect and analyzeSky Blue Sky, the soon-to-be-released album by Wilco. Hint: One writer loves it, one doesn't.

That band's lead singer, of course, is Jeff Tweedy. He's beloved by nearly the entire metropolitan area for his tenure in Uncle Tupelo, the Belleville band that basically started/pioneered/popularized the alt-country/No Depression movement in the late '80s/early '90s. That band's legacy remains so strong, music blogs today still teem with commenters arguing about its output.

Tweedy's main co-conspirator in UT was Jay Farrar, who played a show at the Pageant on Saturday, April 21, with Son Volt -- his post-UT band, which we profiled here (and excerpted quotes from here).

And oh, look! After the jump, take a look at this early video of Uncle Tupelo when they were just babies. The clip purports to be from a 1989 local cable show called "Critical Mass" -- does anyone know anything about the clip, its host, circumstances around it? Please comment away! God bless YouTube.