Still More SXSW Coverage



I'm still braindead from Austin, so may as well throw some more links and coverage out here for everyone, eh?

First up is an absolutely glowing review of Gentleman Auction House's set at the KDHX/Twangfest day party written by noted Dallas blogger Cindy Chaffin, found here at The Fineline. Seriously, kinder words have never been spoken about our hometown indie-rockers. My favorite excerpts:

I walked into the darkened back room of Jovita's just in the knick of time to catch the final song by this quirky, adorable band from St. Louis called, Gentleman Auction House. The 7 member band filled the stage with their multitude of instruments ranging from keyboards, drums, guitars organs, horns, beaters, shakers, a flute...they had it all. This single performance was, by far, the most captivating, fun, entertaining and brilliant performance of the entire 5 days. I fell...and I fell hard. I literally had to wrench the last EP outta the hands of another rabid new fan just to get me a copy.

I'm going to harass, plead, blackmail, bribe...whatever I have to do to get these kids back to Texas for a little Lone Star tour as soon as possible. Or hell, I loved 'em so much, I'd even make the drive to St. Louis to seem 'em live again.

Kudos to them!

Also through the power of the Internet, I found some decent photos of Prisonshake. Behold here and here.

And RFT freelancer Roy Kasten was blogging his experiences over at Scroll through here!

-Annie Zaleski