Chatty Jeff Tweedy Talks Poop and New Wilco Disc



Jeff Tweedy goes falsetto in the first leak of Wilco's new album, recently released on the group's MySpace page.

The tune, called "The Thanks I Get," is a live version of a song from Wilco's forthcoming album. RFT's sister paper, the Nashville Scene, broke the story this morning that the album will be released May 15 and will be called Sky Blue Sky. Tweedy performed a solo show at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville Wednesday night, and Tweedy was, according to the Scene, "veritably chatty -- and talked about poop a lot."

On first listen, "The Thanks I Get" is not Tweedy's most profound lyrical moment and sounds more like something from Wilco's first album, A.M., than the band's recent gem, A Ghost Is Born. Then again, it's an acoustic version of the song, and Wilco's strength these days is the interplay between Tweedy's songwriting, the amazing band he's assembled around him and the rich, oblique arrangements that turn otherwise typical structures into melodic, textural roller coasters.

-Randall Roberts