8 Dollar Deli Will Bring "Huge-Ass" Sandwiches to the Delmar Loop


The 8 Dollar Deli trailer has been in operation roughly one year. Now it's becoming a brick-and-mortar. - COURTESY OF 8 DOLLAR DELI
  • The 8 Dollar Deli trailer has been in operation roughly one year. Now it's becoming a brick-and-mortar.
A food trailer known for its "huge-ass sandwiches" plans to open its first brick-and-mortar storefront in the Delmar Loop, with a goal of being ready for customers by June 1.

The shop, called 8 Dollar Deli, will fill the space that previously held Smoothie King (6600 Delmar Boulevard).

Roger Morgan, owner of the 8 Dollar Deli, says his business boasts "the world's largest $8 deli sandwich — we think!" A self-described long-time entrepreneur, he says he got the idea for the concept because it was the kind of sandwich he was craving.

"I would go to motorcycle rallies and get something to eat and I could never find what I wanted. It was all fried, fried, fried," he says. "And if I ever did find a fresh sandwich, it was all bread." He adds, "I designed the sandwich for what I want to eat!"

But it's not all about Morgan's cravings. He did his market research both by testing the waters with the trailer and, interestingly, by working as an Uber driver, which allowed him to question passengers and further refine his concept. 

His menu is a simple one: roast beef, ham or turkey, plus a variety of basic sandwich toppings. Sandwiches are a flat $8, with the option to make it a combo with chips plus a drink for $10. He also offers an $8 deli wrap, and intends to pioneer a breakfast offering called "Better Than Bagels." What exactly that'll be, he won't say — he's saving that to be a surprise.

With his deep voice and jocular manner, Morgan is looking forward to staffing the shop himself, along with a friend who also joined him on the 8 Dollar Deli trailer. "We're looking to hire some people, but we're not looking for people who make sandwiches," he laughs. "We're looking for entertainers who happen to know how to make a sandwich. It's a fun thing."

The shop will initially be open from 11 a.m. until well into the evening — 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., Morgan suggests. They hope to add breakfast hours if the demand is there. "As long as people want to come in, we'll serve them sandwiches," he promises.

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