Another St. Louis-Based Bar Rescue Episode Airs Sunday



Did you see the Bar Rescue episode about the place in Tower Grove East where the owner would "rather vape in the corner" than help her customers? No? Well, this is your lucky day: Even if you missed Bar Rescue turning Van Goghz into Crafted, you're about to get second chance to see St. Louis on the small screen.

This Sunday, Spike TV will premiere the episode about O'Kelley's transformation into Pasttimes on 4th. As the press kit describes it, "a downtown sports bar that’s being run into the ground by an owner’s out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager. Jon Taffer will have to reign in management issues before this once successful restaurant owner loses her bar and her livelihood."

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The sneak peek includes a cook microwaving frozen meat before cooking up a burger (eww!), the errant bartender/nephew drinking on the job, public arguments and Taffer asking this immortal question: "How can you succeed pouring a bad beer in St. Louis? This is the home of Budweiser!"

"That's an embarrassment," owner Andrea Ervin agrees.

Catch the sneak peek below, and tune into the episode at 8 p.m. St. Louis time on Sunday.

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