Guess Where I'm Eating This Salad and Win $20 to Porter's Chicken


  • Photo by Sarah Fenske

For the second week in a row, we have no winner to our "Guess Where I'm Eating" contest. First you failed to guess that I was eating a Santa Fe chicken salad at PJ's Tavern. Then, while someone guessed correctly that I was eating potstickers at Lucky Buddha, he or she failed to provide a valid email address — and when our attempts to reach them through other means proved to be in vain, we closed down the contest without a winner. So: You guys really better step up your game this week!

Since you're having such difficulty of late, we'll give you a clue. The salad depicted above is the house salad at a local restaurant. It's also damn tasty!

You know the rest of the drill: The first person to correctly identify the place where I'm eating it, and leaves a comment with a valid email address, wins $20 to Porter's Chicken (3628 S. Big Bend, 314-781-2097). 

Good luck!

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