Imo's Wants to Make Its New Headquarters a Tourist Attraction



Love Imo's or hate Imo's (and we know plenty of people who do each!), you have to admit that nothing says "St. Louis" quite so succinctly.

Which is why we were wildly excited to read in St. Louis Magazine this morning that pizza scion Carl Imo plans to turn the company's new, not-yet-completed headquarters into, yes, a tourist destination. 

The company is consolidating various offices into a former Car Quest distribution center at Delmar and 17th Street in downtown St. Louis. The space encompasses 4.1 acres and will include warehouses, office, retail and, naturally, an Imo's Pizza, which is being relocated from Wash Ave and 19th Street. 

But enough about operations. What about tours for our curious out-of-town friends?

Imo tells St. Louis Mag,

We’re downtown, on the trolley route for Touring St. Louis, a block from the City Museum. People are aware of our beer, why not make them aware of our pizza? I say take the A-B beer tour, then visit the home of St. Louis’ most iconic pizza.

Oh, and get this: Imo is petitioning the city to change the name of 17th Street on that block to #1 Imo's Square — because where should the Square Beyond Compared be headquartered but precisely at that address?

Greatest idea ever? Or two greatest ideas ever? So long as they give us free samples of Provel on these tours of #1 Imo's Square, we are so totally on board for both.

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