#87: The Roasted Chicken Spinach Flatbread at Cooper's Legendary American Pub


The flatbread at Cooper's Legendary American Pub steals the show. | Mabel Suen
  • The flatbread at Cooper's Legendary American Pub steals the show. | Mabel Suen

The bars of Main Street in St. Charles tend to blend in with one another, and from the outside, Cooper's Legendary American Pub (140 North Main Street, St. Charles; 636-724-5505) is no exception. However, step inside this humble bar and grill, order the roasted chicken spinach flatbread, and it quickly becomes clear that Cooper's is a standout.

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The roasted chicken spinach flatbread at Cooper's is actually cracker-thin naan. It's akin to St. Louis-style pizza but slightly heartier with crispier edges that cook to a golden brown. The naan is slathered with the restaurant's creamy spinach chicken dip, laden with garlic and hunks of pulled chicken. It's then topped with molten Provel cheese, making it a decadent gooey treat. Pair it with a cold pint on the pub's river-facing patio for some of the best pizza St. Charles County has to offer.

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