#95: The Monte Cristo at Three Flags Tavern


The Monte Cristo sandwich at Three Flags Tavern. | Corey Woodruff
  • The Monte Cristo sandwich at Three Flags Tavern. | Corey Woodruff

My love affair with Three Flags Tavern's (4940 Southwest Avenue; 314-669-9222) brisket burger is still hot and heavy, but I am beginning to come to enough to realize the restaurant's other gems. I could close my eyes, point my finger randomly and arrive at a perfect dish -- the menu is filled with them -- but one in particular stands out: the Monte Cristo sandwich.

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Though grouped in with the menu's smaller plates, the Monte Cristo is a substantially sized snack. Sweet, light-as-air French toast is stuffed with prosciutto and pungent Gruyère cheese. The sweet-salt combination is accented with a sticky red-currant jalapeño jam that has just enough kick to stand out through the sweetness. The sandwich is cut into triangles and dusted with powdered sugar. This excellent brunch-inspired dish is a treat any time of day.

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