Vincent Van Doughnut Gets a Storefront in Clayton


Clyde! | Jon Gitchoff
  • Clyde! | Jon Gitchoff

Mobile doughnut artisans Vincent Van Doughnut (@vinvandoughnut) are finally putting down some roots. The elusive, square-shaped doughnuts are available all over St. Louis from the 1960s van-cum-food-truck named Clyde, but now you'll be able to get your hands on them without being in the right place at the right time.

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Vincent Van Doughnut only hit the streets last fall but has since built up quite a following at events around town and distribution deals with Straub's, Whitebox Eatery and Atomic Cowboy. VVD will be taking over the space at 40 North Central Avenue in Clayton, which until recently was Pomme Restaurant.

"Since winning this season's premiere of Doughnut Showdown, Clyde has been in great demand, and our loyal customers kept asking us when we planned to open a store," owner Vincent Marsden said in a statement. "We've been searching the whole time, and we finally found a location that has everything we need."

The bricks-and-mortar location will require somewhat of a buildout, but the full-size, professional kitchen will allow them to do so much more -- including expanding offerings beyond just doughnuts.

Marsden expects the storefront will open in the next two to three months, depending on construction. Clyde will be fully operational during that time, though, so you'll still be able to get doughnuts. In the meantime, follow Clyde's whereabouts on Twitter.

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