Ices Plain & Fancy to Cool Down Shaw Neighborhood


The future home of Ices Plain & Fancy. | Google Street View

Move over, frozen custard: there's a new ice cream in St. Louis. Ices Plain & Fancy (2256 South 39th Street) will join the Shaw Neighborhood this summer. It's not your average dessert, though. The ice creams are made with liquid nitrogen.

"We use liquid nitrogen to make our ices, which gives it a really unique consistency and allows us a tremendous amount of freedom to explore and experiment with flavors and ingredients," partner Troika Brodsky tells us.

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He and some friends from college -- Matthew Deutschmann and siblings Max and Darla Crask -- wanted to work together and things came together when they found a concept and a great location near Tower Grove Park.

Brodsky says they just got the keys to the location a few days ago and final decisions have not been made regarded menu items and decor. The buildout hasn't even begun, but the plan is for a June soft opening.

"We're not reinventing the wheel -- liquid nitrogen has been used since the 1800s to make ice cream -- but there really isn't currently anything like it in our neck of the woods," Brodksy says. "We think folks are really going to dig it."

For now, follow updates on Facebook, Twitter or check out the Ices Plain & Fancy website.

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