Today is Officially "Imo's Day" in St. Louis



Some people hate Imo's (ahem, Jimmy Kimmel), but most St. Louisans love it in all its Provel glory. Mayor Francis Slay is obviously a fan, and after 50 years, he has declared April 8 "Imo's Day."

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UPDATE 3:02 p.m. This post has been updated with a comment from Mayor Slay.

Ed and Margie Imo, who will be honored today, started the pizza joint in 1964 in south city. It has since grown into 96 franchises all over the state. Hometown favorites such as Jon Hamm have promoted and defended the pizza on national TV, because it's just that delicious. (Also, the Provel bites are amazing.)

Mayor Slay and County Executive Charlie Dooley will be on hand this afternoon to honor 50 years in business for Margie and Ed. Some people hate on Imo's, but honestly, we can't get enough. How can you not love Provel, a combination of Swiss, cheddar and provolone? Delicious.

"Fifty years in business is no small feat. It's years of toil and often a lot of worry -- even all these years later. But, Ed and Margie have not only made it work, but they have created a local empire out of their pizza recipe," Mayor Slay said in a statement. "Imo's is a St. Louis institution. You don't say 'St. Louis-style pizza' without thinking first and foremost of Imo's. And for the record, I am on Team Provel." So are we, Mayor, so are we.

Here's where to watch it all go down:

WHAT: Imo's Pizza is pleased to announce that next Tuesday, April 8 at 2 p.m., Charlie Dooley from St. Louis County and Mayor Slay from the City will both attend the Imo's franchisee meeting to read their respective proclamations declaring "Imo's Day" in honor of 50 years in business. Both Ed and Margie Imo will be in attendance to thank both Mayor Slay and Mr. Dooley as well as to extend their gratitude to the St. Louis Community for 50 years of customer loyalty.

WHEN: 2 p.m., Tuesday, April 8

WHERE: Glazier's Hall, 5916 Wilson Ave (just east of Hampton, one block south of 1-44)

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