Pharaoh's Donuts Rejoins the Done Zone


Mmm, doughnuts. | Dion
  • Mmm, doughnuts. | Dion

Pharaoh's Donuts first opened in 1994 by Amon Aziz. He had to move the focus to wholesale doughnut sales during a remodel, but now the classic doughnuts are available for us regular folks. The shop opened Monday at 200 North Seventh Street on Monday, March 10.

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"The only thing we don't make is a French cruller," Aziz assures us.

Aziz got the idea twenty years ago after failing to find a doughnut shop on his way to work. A friend of his from high school knew a little about making doughnuts, so Aziz thought he'd look into what it would actually take to open up a shop. He learned everything he could, and Pharaoh's Donuts was born.

You can get all the classics: long johns, jelly doughnuts, glazed, cake, apple fritters, twists. Don't expect to find the experimental doughnuts that are trendy in St. Louis, though. "I think I'm more of a traditional doughnut shop," Aziz says. "I don't put, like, cereal on my doughnuts and stuff like that. Glazed doughnuts are always the number-one seller."

Pharaoh's is planning a grand opening celebration to coincide with the Cardinals opening day on March 31. All the doughnuts will be available, plus savory lunch treats prepared on its grill, like hot dogs and turkey legs.

"We try to get that product out to you just when you're coming in the door," Aziz says. "We're here making the doughnuts pretty much all day, and it's the freshest thing you can get."

Pharaoh's is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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