The Perfect Cocktails to Drink on Thanksgiving


       Taste Bar's Kyle Mathis is an expert, after all. | Nancy Stiles
  •        Taste Bar's Kyle Mathis is an expert, after all. | Nancy Stiles

Last week, with the help of Schlafly, we gave you some advice on how to pair beer with Thanksgiving dinner. Not everyone goes for beer, though -- perhaps you'd like something a little stronger. We asked Taste's (4584 Laclede Avenue; 314-361-1200) bar manager Kyle Mathis for some advice.

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To start with, Mathis says a classic Tom Collins is great for day drinking. He suggests one with a holiday spin: shake two ounces gin, one ounce simple syrup, one bar spoon cranberry sauce and half an ounce of lemon juice. Strain into a Collins glass with ice and top with club soda.

"Classics and highballs are the way to go when a holiday party is going on," Mathis says. "They are quick to make and cheaper to share." Once you're schmoozing with the relatives before dinner, Mathis says to go with something bitter and low in alcohol, like a La Bicicletta.

It's one ounce Campari, one ounce dry white wine and two ounces club soda. Serve it on the rocks and garnish with an orange slice. "While cooking, I'd be drinking something a little higher in alcohol but still bitter," Mathis says. "A Manhattan made with rye and Punt e Mes on the rocks is a great pre-dinner drink."

For dinner, Mathis says a three-to-one gin martini is great with turkey. And once you've gorged yourself and maybe had an after-dinner nap? "Something dark and bitter to help with digestion," Mathis says. "A coffee with half an ounce each of Cynar, bourbon and cream sounds like it might do the trick."

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