Tidbits: Sage Now Open for Lunch Only; Bici Cafe Closing Next Month



- A reader tipped Gut Check off that the Soulard restaurant Sage Urban American Grill (1031 Lynch Street; 314-256-1203) was no longer open for dinner -- or perhaps no longer open, period. At any rate, our tipster said he and other diners who arrived at Sage around the time he did, intending to eat dinner, were confused.

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Calls to Sage went unanswered. We stopped by the restaurant yesterday afternoon and found the front door unlocked, but the bar and dining room empty save for a couple of people, who informed us the restaurant wasn't open at the moment and wouldn't be open for dinner this evening, either. The restaurant was now open for lunch only.

Sage opened in 2007. More on its status as we learn it.

- Bici Cafe (7401 Pershing Avenue, University City; 314-721-8484) will close on Saturday, June 29, reports Joe Bonwich of the Post-Dispatch. No one answered the phone when Gut Check called, but Bonwich quotes owner Steve Werner as citing a raise in rent as the reason for the closure. Bici opened in 2008.