St. Louis Food Blog Digest, 04.29-05.05



Gut Check dishes on our favorite St. Louis food blogs.

Rhubarb and Honey: Kimberly made roasted crimini mushrooms, marinated with olive oil, Worcestershire, soy sauce and butter.

Eat Write: Judith made Mexican chocolate angel food cupcakes right in time for Cinco de Mayo.

A Veggie Venture: Alanna shared "party" asparagus and aoili.

A Periodic Table: Shannon made chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate ganache.

Iron Stef: Stef shared lemon-sage roasted chickpeas.

Family Style Food: Karen made sweet pea bruschetta with ricotta and mint.

Cupcake Project: Be still our beating heart -- Stef shared cupcakes made entirely of frosting.

The Sweets Life: Natalie made Greek lentil salad.

Sounding My Barbaric Gulp: Kelly shared creamy spring mushroom soup.

Sauce magazine's blog: Dee made fried tofu with dipping sauce with just five ingredients.