Salume Beddu's Cold-Weather Sausage Fest: What to Eat This Weekend and Where to Eat It



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  • Jennifer Silverberg

"It's a sausage-heavy weekend," says Cary Exler, co-owner of the acclaimed south city salumeria and lunch spot Salume Beddu (3467 Hampton Avenue; 314-353-3100).

"We're trying to go homey for the weather."

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Specifically, this weekend Salume Beddu is highlighting its fresh (as opposed to cured) sausages.

"We're doing an 'Alley Dog'," Exler tells us: a bacon-wrapped hot dog with roasted jalapeños.

"We've also got soup with roasted Bolognese sausage and kohlrabi, slow-cooked with black beluga lentils."

(Salume Beddu's Bolognese salsiccia is a mild sausage with hints of warm, sweet spices.)

Of course, Salume Beddu's regular roster of outstanding sandwiches and other dishes will also be available. The shop is open till 3 p.m. today and from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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