Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Overrated Pizza Is...



Our quest to identify the most overrated pizza in St. Louis resulted in the most votes by far of our Underrated/Overrated polls. It also resulted in a definitive winner (or should that be "winner"?), with the top vote-getter receiving almost twice as many votes as the runner-up.

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Our winner is Imo's Pizza. Here are the results in full:

Imo's Pizza: 48.3% Pi Pizzeria: 24.87% Dewey's Pizza: 9.69% BlackThorn Pub & Pizza: 9.16% Peel Wood Fired Pizza: 4.32% Other: 3.66%


Of course, you are free to interpret Imo's victory ("victory"?) however you like. Seems to us these are the most plausible interpretations:

1) Of course Imo's is overrated. St. Louis-style pizza is terrible, so by definition the fact that it's popular at all means it is overrated.

2) This poll is a sham. Imo's shouldn't have been included in the first place. It's not overrated or underrated. It's just a fact of St. Louis life. Newer, trendier, hipper, etc. places are what we should mean by "overrated".

3) Gut Check sucks. You guys hate Provel and just did this to have another excuse to slag Imo's.

We welcome alternate theories in the comments. Also welcome in the comments: Your suggestions for what Underrated/Overrated category we should cover next. (See below for the ground we've already covered.)

The Gut Check Underrated/Overrated Hall of Fame

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