The Return of Underrated/Overrated: What Is St. Louis' Most Overrated Pizza?


  • Jennifer Silverberg

It's back! After taking a few months off while we celebrated the Best of St. Louis and then the holidays, our search for St. Louis' most underrated and overrated foods, restaurants and more continues.

When we last polled the people, we wanted to know what's St. Louis' most underrated pizza. Now, perhaps the most contentious question we've asked: What is St. Louis' most overrated pizza.

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The procedure, in case you've forgotten: Nominate your choice for St. Louis' most overrated pizza in the comments. Be sure to include an explanation of why this pizza is overrated. The more detailed and/or clever the explanation, the more likely we are to notice it. Any kind of pizza qualifies: thin-crust, deep-dish, St. Louis-style or other.

Nominations are open until noon this Friday, February 1. Voting opens next week.

Have at it!

The Gut Check Underrated/Overrated Hall of Fame

- Most Underrated Burger: Dressel's (419 North Euclid Avenue; 314-361-1060) - Most Overrated Burger: Five Guys Burgers and Fries (multiple locations) - Most Underrated Italian Restaurant: Filomena's Italian Kitchen (9900 Manchester Road, Glendale; 314-961-9909) - Most Overrated Italian Restaurant: Rigazzi's (4945 Daggett Avenue; 314-772-4900) - Most Underrated Pizza: Felix's (6335 Clayton Avenue; 314-645-6565)