Wendy's Ditches Dollar Menu For New "Right Price, Right Size" Menu


  • Liz Miller

When Wendy's (multiple locations) revamped its restaurants to an "ultra-modern" design last year, we expected some menu changes to accompany it. Welp, here it is. In 2013 the fast-food chain is doing away with its dollar menu, replacing it with menu called "Right Price, Right Size," with eighteen items ranging in price from $.99 to $1.99.

A visit to the Wendy's (2130 Hampton Avenue; 314-781-4569) on Hampton Avenue, however, revealed a different price range.

When Gut Check visited the the Hampton Avenue Wendy's yesterday, the highest priced item on the "Right Price, Right Size" menu was the double stack, two junior hamburger patties topped with American cheese and fixins. Though Wendy's promotes it as an eighteen-item menu, we count fourteen options at this particular location.

Ninety-nine cent options include a junior cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich, four-piece regular or spicy chicken nuggets, fries, soft drink or small Frosty. From there, items jump to $1.19 to $1.79.

Gut Check has a call in to Wendy's to learn more about the switch. Below is a picture of the Hampton Avenue location's "Right Price, Right Size" menu, with blank space above where the value menu used to be.

"Right Price, Right Size" menu at the Wendy's on Hampton Avenue.
  • "Right Price, Right Size" menu at the Wendy's on Hampton Avenue.