The Fitz's Election Results Are In: Did Romney Beat Obama in Root Beer Sales?


  • Image courtesy Fitz's

With the 2012 Presidential election cycle coming to a close next Tuesday, November 6, we at Gut Check need to check in with our ever-so-technical election predictor, the election-themed root beer sales at Fitz's Bottling Company (6605 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-726-9555), one final time.

It seems that sales of Fitz's President Barack Obama root beer bottles have slipped -- but was it enough that Governor Mitt Romney bottles took the lead?

Nope, it sure wasn't.

Though the President's bottle sales are down from 52 percent last week to 51 percent (or 2975 bottles) sold, while Romney bottle sales sit at 49 percent sold (or 2868 bottles). How does this compare to the national pundits?

Nate Silver, who no doubt will be lounging on a beach come November 7, has been crunching election numbers on New York Times blog FiveThirtyEight. His current predictions position Obama to win with 50.4 percent of the popular vote to Romney's 48.5 percent on Election Day, and that the President has a 77.4 percent chance at winning the election (up from 71 percent last week).