Kraft Recalls Jalapeño String Cheese



What is the perfect food? A ripe, late-summer heirloom tomato? A heritage pork butt cooked low and slow over fragrant woodsmoke? Jalapeño-flavored Kraft String Cheese?

OK, it's probably not jalapeño-flavored Kraft String Cheese -- not any longer, at least.

Kraft on Monday announced a voluntary recall of its jalapeño-flavored Kraft String Cheese because, to quote the press release posted on the FDA website, "a thin layer of plastic film from the package may remain adhered to the product."

If ingested, said thin layer of plastic film could present a choking hazard. It will almost certainly not be as delicious as jalapeño-flavored Kraft String Cheese.

The recall applies to packages of jalapeño-flavored Kraft String Cheese with a sell-by date of November 23, 2012, and the UPC code 2100002977.

Kraft reports but a single consumer complaint related to the plastic film, so thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, Mr. or Ms. I'm Too Good for Plastic in My Jalapeño-Flavored Kraft String Cheese.