Underrated Pizza Semifinalist Voting Update: OK, Felix's Fans, We Hear You


  • Jennifer Silverberg

The semifinalist round of our poll for St. Louis' most underrated pizza has been live for only three days, but already something is happening that hasn't occurred before in these polls: a write-in nominee is running away with the vote.

In a voting pattern that isn't at all suspicious -- nope, not even a little suspicious -- as of this afternoon, votes for "Other" account for just over 40% of all votes cast, and of those "Other" votes, the vast majority of them nominate the Dogtown restaurant Felix's (6335 Clayton Avenue; 314-645-6565).

Fans of Felix's (and, of course, we're not at all suspicious that this is merely one fan with a lot of time on his or her hands): You win. We'll include Felix's as one of the finalists in next week's voting.

In the meantime, if you support one of the seven actual semifinalists or want to nominate another non-Felix's restaurant as the "Other" candidate, you have until the end of the day Monday to vote.