Da Baldo's Trattoria Closes, Lafayette Fire Company Moving In


  • Laura Miller

A tipster informed Gut Check yesterday afternoon that Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 (1801 Park Avenue; 314-621-5001) planned to leave the Lafayette Square address that has been its home since opening in 2009. Its destination? Somewhere on Hampton Avenue in south city.

No sooner had we gotten confirmation from a Lafayette Fire Company employee that the restaurant would, indeed, be moving to somewhere in the vicinity of Hampton Avenue and Chippewa Street, Evan Benn of the Post-Dispatch scored the scoop: Lafayette Fire Company is moving into the space at 3518 Hampton Avenue.

In fact, this was a double scoop for Benn as 3518 Hampton is the longtime home of Da Baldo's Trattoria -- or, rather, it was the longtime home of Da Baldo's. After three decades, Da Baldo's closed after service on Friday, August 31.