Johnsonville Sausages, Clif Bars Recalled



Well, here's a different sort of recall: Johnsonville Sausage has recalled 48,000 pounds of its "Turkey Sausage with Cheddar" because -- and here we quote directly from the USDA's press release lest you don't believe us -- "they may contain pieces of gloves."

Now, we understand a certain amount of don't-ask, don't-tell goes into sausage-making, but, yeah, pieces of gloves seem a bit much.

Apparently, a couple of consumers complained after finding the pieces of gloves in their sausages, which complaints we can only imagine went something like, "HOLY SHIT! THERE'S A PIECE OF A GLOVE IN MY SAUSAGE. DID THAT MEAN I ATE A HUMAN FINGER!?!"

The specific recall pertains to 13.5-ounce packages of the turkey sausage with cheddar cheese, as per the press release:

The packages can be identified by establishment number "EST. P-34224" inside the USDA mark of inspection and the best by date "08/20/2012 2." The "Turkey Sausage with Cheddar Cheese" was produced on May 22, 2012, and was distributed to retail establishments nationwide.

A recall of Clif Bars isn't quite so dramatic.

Clif Bar & Company is recalling some twelve-packs of its "Blueberry Crisp" bars because some of the bars might be mistakenly labeled as "Chocolate Chip" bars and thus not have almonds, a potential allergen, listed among the ingredients.

Per the Clif Bar & Company release, via the FDA:

Only the product meeting the following criteria is affected:

- 12-pack boxes of Blueberry Crisp CLIF Bars with "Best By" date 17MAR13G3 UPC: 7-22252-30260-1 - Blueberry Crisp CLIF Bars mislabeled in Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar individual wrappers with the same "Best By" date 17MAR13G3 - UPC: 7-22252-10090-0

NO other CLIF Bar products, pack sizes, flavors or "Best By" date codes are affected.