Review Preview: St. Louis Pho


  • Ian Froeb

This week I visit St. Louis Pho (3863 South Grand Boulevard; 314-664-4041), a Vietnamese restaurant that opened in the Dutchtown neighborhood at the very end of last year. (Hence the leafless tree in the background of the photo I shot then.) Page through for a sneak preview of my review.

On a weekday afternoon at St. Louis Pho, even the Vietnamese pop ballads blasting from the television speakers can't entirely obscure the business of eating pho: the clinking of chopsticks against the rim of the bowl as diners stir bean sprouts, fresh basil leaves and shreds of sawtooth herb into the broth; the squelching of bottles of Sriracha chile sauce and hoisin; and, of course, the slurping and slurping of rice noodles. If you're sitting down to lunch, the noises can lull you into a trance -- you must order pho.

Visit Gut Check tomorrow to read my review and view Jennifer Silverberg's slideshow of the restaurant.