Review Preview: EdgeWild Restaurant and Winery


  • Ettie Berneking

This week, I visit EdgeWild Restaurant and Winery (550 Chesterfield Center, Chesterfield; 636-532-0550). Yes, it truly is a winery on the outskirts of a mall. A sneak preview of my review is after the jump.

No grapes grow here on the outskirts of Chesterfield Mall, just around a bend in the looping drive from the new American Girl store, behind the Dillard's parking lot, in the building that once housed a restaurant called Bahama Breeze. But by law, if not by obvious outward appearance, EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery truly is a winery as well as restaurant.

Here's how it's done: EdgeWild purchases unfinished wines from wineries in California, Oregon and Washington, brings them to the restaurant and ages them there in oak barrels. The restaurant then bottles the finished wine under the EdgeWild label, which bears the same sleek logo that adorns the restaurant signage: the gray silhouette of a tree whose trunk turns into a mirrored reflection of itself in red.

Check back here tomorrow morning to read my review.