Ten Best Irish Dishes in St. Louis: Whiskey Bread Pudding at McGurk's Irish Pub


  • Erika Miller

Bread pudding is one of those desserts that either makes people scream, "Yes, please," or makes them turn up their noses in distaste. Occasionally lumpy or soupy textures ruin the reputation of sweet, rich bread pudding.

This silky, satisfying dessert isn't just an Irish standard, but Gut Check found an Ireland-inspired dish at McGurk's Irish Pub & Garden (1200 Russell Boulevard; 314-776-8309) with an extra Irish kick in the form of melted whiskey butter.

McGurk's is consistently voted one of the top Irish pubs in the city, and with an expansive menu full of Irish staples and live Irish music at night, it's no wonder that the restaurant knows how to do bread pudding justice. The bread pudding is served in a thick block, with a fork-tender consistency that is rich without feeling too heavy.

The hunk of bread pudding is topped with a layer of sweet melted whiskey butter and then drizzled liberally with tart raspberry sauce and slightly salty caramel. The combination of toppings soaks into the bread pudding and gives the dessert a tangy sweetness that will turn any skeptic into a fan of this classic dish.