Shrimp and White Wine at Hooked and Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie



Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have a knack for regurgitating pop culture through an offbeat filter that's entirely their own. And more often than not, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!'s nonsense is deeply, profoundly hilarious.

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, on the other hand, while certainly evoking that signature "what-the-fuck-am-I-watching" reaction the duo's known for, is a bit heavy on the plot and light on the weird for our taste.


After squandering a $1 billion film budget (most of which was spent on a Johnny Depp impersonator and a suit made entirely out of diamonds) on only three minutes of footage, Tommy Schlaaang (Robert Loggia), the financier, threatens our protagonists with a lawsuit. In a desperate attempt to make the money back as quickly as possible, they respond to a television ad wherein mall manager Damien Weebs (Will Ferrell) promises -- coincidentally -- $1 billion to anyone who can revitalize the Swallow Valley mall.

A kidnapping, used toilet paper store eviction and Shrim (second definition) session later, Tim and Eric are forced to face their fate, as the Schlaaang cronies attack the mall, guns blazing. Of course, more memorable and hilarious than this ridiculous climax are the moments more Awesome Show-esque: when they break the story for a faux commercial or instructional video. Those moments are a bit too few and far between, so savor them.

Inspired by the Beaver Boyz (see video below), we dined on shrimp and white wine: coconut shrimp and a glass of Riesling at Hooked Seafood Bar (8613 Olive Boulevard, University City; 314-997-8886).

The shrimp were appropriately decadent. Coated in a thick batter and generously dipped in coconut before frying, each massive shrimp took two to three bites to consume. Our entree left us full and content while satisfying our sweet tooth -- no need for dessert, especially when washed down with Riesling.

While we opted to keep our dinner down, and we only had one date (as opposed to TWINS), ours was still a meal of Beaver Boyz proportions, and thankfully, we ate before sitting through the Shrim scene (our appetite left and is yet to return).