Ten Best Irish Dishes in St. Louis: Irish Stew at Llywelyn's Pub


  • Erika Miller

There's no question that the Irish enjoy sneaking their national spirits, whiskey and Guinness into everything from coffee to cheesecake. Such is also the case with Llywelyn's Pub's (4747 McPherson Avenue; 314-361-3003) take on an Irish stew, which features a smooth Guinness-Jameson stock.

This Irish stew is comfort food at its best. It's served in a thick bread bowl, with pieces of potato and green beans overflowing from the sides. As the bread bowl gets mixed into the stew, the stock only gets thicker and creamier. Full of traditional stew ingredients such as chunks of potatoes and carrots, the dish also gets an additional kick of Irish flavor from tender bits of carved lamb and slivers of bangers (sausage, to the non-Irish).

Perfect for a chilly day, Llywelyn's Irish stew combines all the elements of an Irish meal --- libations included --- into one hearty bowl.