Ten Best Irish Dishes in St. Louis: Irish Whiskey Salmon at O'Leary's Restaurant & Bar


  • Liz Miller

Between Lenten fish fries and preparing for St. Patrick's Day by eating Irish fare, Gut Check has recently indulged in many a deep-fried dish. So when we ventured to O'Leary's Restaurant & Bar (3828 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Sunset Hills; 314-842-7678) and ordered the Irish whiskey salmon, we were delighted to be served a grilled, boneless filet sans crunchy, battered casing. This house specialty comes lightly charred and basted in what O'Leary's calls its "sweet Irish whiskey glaze," which added sharp, tangy flavor without overpowering the bright flavor of the salmon. The texture of the filet was almost flaky, and was a hearty, flavorful and tender piece of fish. O'Leary's offers a typical selection of pub side dishes with its entrees, including the restaurant's signature house potatoes. Gut Check chose the seasoned French fries --- OK, so maybe we're not that tired of greasy food yet after-all --- which nicely complemented the slightly sweet, zesty salmon filet.