Jack in the Box Introduces Bacon Milkshake; Gut Check Sez, "Been There, Done That"



So Gut Check just learned (via Eater) that Jack in the Box is making a big to-do about its new bacon milkshake, part of its disturbing new "Marry Bacon" ad campaign. "It's for real," proclaims the blurb on the Jack in the Box website.

No shit it's for real. We've had a bacon milkshake here in St. Louis since last fall. And this one has booze in it.

We speak, of course, of the "Sweet, Sweet Bacon Shake" at Baileys' Range (920 Olive Street; 314-241-8121). The shake is made with salted-caramel ice cream and bourbon, plus an honest-to-God bacon garnish. Which puts it in another class entirely from Jack's version, which -- shockingly! -- apparently uses bacon-flavored syrup instead of actual bacon.

Stay tuned: We'll have much more (hint, hint) on Baileys' Range next week.