Soup Countdown #11: Companion's Sweet Potato and White Bean Soup



January is National Soup Month, which makes sense, considering the first month of the year is typically marked with below-freezing temperatures, snow and slush. What's better than a delicious, hot bowl of soup on a chilly day? A delicious, hot bowl of soup that you don't have to make -- that's what. This January Gut Check will revisit some of our favorite hot soups to help guide your belly through this month-long soup celebration.

  • Emily Wasserman

In the soup family, vegetable-inspired creations often get the short end of the stick. Hearty beef stews and rich, creamy chicken and dumplings overshadow their more demure, vegetarian sibling. As temperatures drop and winter coats come out of storage, soup becomes the go-to favorite: as long as there's a generous helping of protein that will stick to your bones.

However, Companion's (8791 Clayton Road, Ladue; 314-352-4770) sweet potato and white bean soup proves that it's the quiet ones who make the biggest statement. A slightly creamy, sweet potato puree is mixed with soft white beans, and just a dash of celery and a hint of spice. Mix in a few pieces of the bakery's homemade cornbread, and you'll find the perfect balance between healthy and hearty.

Companion's soup selection changes daily, so you might not always hit the jackpot. But if you're lucky enough to experience the warm, delicious blend of vegetables and spices in the Sweet Potato and White Bean soup, you'll savor it to the last spoonful.