The Frying Dutchmen? Video of Alleged Cannibal Corps d'Esprit Surfaces


Wait. Is that? No. Couldn't be. And yet...
  • Wait. Is that? No. Couldn't be. And yet...
Yesterday, Gut Check told you about two fine, young would-be cannibals, the co-hosts of a Dutch television program who have filmed themselves eating small bits of each other's flesh. The episode airs tonight in the Netherlands, but a minute-plus preview of the feast is online.

In the segment, which you can watch after the jump, the two men sniff the bits of uncooked human meat and then watch as a chef sautés them in a pan. The men sit down to dine. They hesitate. They lift their forks toward their mouths and HOLY SHIT IS THAT RYAN BRAUN?

No, seriously, look at the dark-haired co-host. Dude's a dead ringer for the Milwaukee Brewers slugger and reigning National League MVP.

Could this explain Braun's positive test for a substance banned by Major League Baseball, a result that has him facing a 50-game suspension next year and the spite of fans? Did Braun succumb not to an elite athlete's desire for any competitive edge, but rather to a dark craving for the most forbidden of snack taboos*?

Ladies and gentleman, Gut Check asks, in all sincerity: Is Ryan Braun a cannibal?

At any rate, the video -- which Gut Check still is inclined to believe is a hoax -- is after the jump. Hoax, not hoax? Ryan Braun, not Ryan Braun? You decide. 

(If it isn't a hoax, then you might find the video squeamish.)

* - No, not pepperoni pizza-flavored Combos.