The Freakonomics Take On How American Food Got Bad


  • Chrissy Wilmes

Last night on "Freakonomics Radio," host Kai Ryssdal interviewed Stephen Dubner about how prohibition, immigration restrictions and your children have all played a part in the dumbing down of good 'ol American grub.

The conversation was inspired by Tyler Cowen's book, An Economist Gets Lunch. Cowen explains:

Compared to a lot of Asian cultures, or European cultures, when it comes to the food scene, very often in America the child is in charge, and that again means soft, and sweet and gooey.

So, we've become a nation of children. Of course, when Gut Check interviewed a slew of youngsters about healthy kids' meal options, they were quick to make nutritious, delicious decisions -- at least in the matter of their favorite fruit vs. French fries.

What do you think, breeders? Are the kids in charge? Gut Check does love the occasional buffalo chicken strip. Let us know in the comments and listen to the full segment after the jump.