Review Preview: Mr. X Pizza


Mr. X Pizza in south city - IAN FROEB
  • Ian Froeb
  • Mr. X Pizza in south city
This week, a series of roadblocks and facepalms leads me to Mr. X Pizza (5922 Morgan Ford Road; 314-353-7060) -- not a new restaurant, but one worth checking out. A sneak peek of my review is after the jump.

To the answer the obvious question, there is no Mr. X. That was the name the original owner gave it. Current owner Damir Islamovic kept the name. He might not be Mr. X but the man loves pizzas. "I used to work in a four-star restaurant," he tells me when he has a minute - and no more - between making and serving his pizzas. Not only are pizzas not as complicated as four-star cuisine, he says, "I can care about each pizza."

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