Salmonella Outbreak Brings Down Egg Mogul


Yesterday, Gut Check related news of one disgraced egg supplier, Sparboe Farms. An activist group covertly videotaped Sparboe employees mistreating and even killing chickens under their care. McDonald's and Target have since dumped Sparboe as a supplier.

Today, we return to 2010's disgraced egg suppliers, Austin "Jack" DeCoster and his son, Peter. DeCoster Egg Farms was the source of a massive salmonella outbreak last year, the most egregious of numerous safety, labor and immigration disputes involving the company.

Now, the DeCosters are leaving the egg business.

The DeCosters announced yesterday that they have sold or are in the process of selling their egg farms in Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota, according to the AP.

Neither DeCoster has been charged over last year's outbreak, which sickened some 1,900 people. The U.S. Attorney's Office with jurisdiction over the case would not confirm to the AP whether the investigation continues.