Try the Pumpkin Scone at Kaldi's



We love pumpkins! We just want to carve 'em, roast their seeds and then bake the guts into all kinds of awesome. So, this autumn, we're on a quest for the tastiest local pumpkin goodies, before the fleeting flavor is gone. Do you have a favorite local seasonal pumpkin food? E-mail Check out our other fall and Thanksgiving coverage over at Gobble Gobble.

  • Emily Wasserman

On a crisp Fall morning, what do you want most?

Most Americans will respond with either a) an extra hour of sleep or b) a 20 oz. cup of coffee. Allow us to recommend a third option for fall: the pumpkin scone at Kaldi's (17211 Chesterfield Airport Road, Chesterfield; 636-536-6624).

Kaldi's scones are the perfect consistency: crumbly on the outside, but soft on the inside. The predominant flavor in the pumpkin scone is butter, with subtle notes of pumpkin and spices -- a nice break from the sometimes overwhelming pumpkin flavors found this time of year. The best part? This delicious scone is massive, so there's more to love.

With the recent drops in temperature and the recent "falling back" for daylight savings time, we have even less of a reason to get out of bed. However, a Kaldi's pumpkin scone provided us with much-needed motivation. Pair this pastry with a cup of the cafe's fresh brewed coffee, and you'll be awake and content in no time.