It's a Bear Market in Alaska, With a Cub in the Produce


Oh no! The bear got into the habaneros! - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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  • Oh no! The bear got into the habaneros!

We don't need a symbolic representation to remind us that the economy's in the crapper, cute little Alaskan bear cub, hanging out in the market!

An IGA grocery store in Ketchikan, Alaska, was visited on Saturday by a bear cub who paced through the produce displays while employees and animal control figured out what to do with the little guy.

Eventually a customer grabbed the bear, and he released it into the wild. A biologist commented that the cub was small for this time of year, and a mother bear was nowhere to be found.

Though we're not biologists, we're pretty sure this is how food-borne illnesses get into fruits and vegetables.