Review Preview: Bocci Bar


The "Lobster B.L.T." pizza at Bocci Bar - JENNIFER SILVERBERG
  • Jennifer Silverberg
  • The "Lobster B.L.T." pizza at Bocci Bar
Death. Taxes. New Italian restaurants in St. Louis. Does Bocci Bar (16 North Central Avenue, Clayton; 314-932-1040) bring anything new to the party? Well, there aren't that many places in town to score a lobster pizza. A sneak peek of my review is after the jump.

At first glance, the suppli al telefono might be the most intriguing dish at Bocci Bar. You don't need to understand Italian to reason that a telephone is somehow involved. Actually, even if you do parla a little Italiano, this name might prompt a frown. Translated literally, it means "croquettes on the phone."

Something has been lost in that translation.

The menu describes these suppli al telefono as "cheese-stuffed rice balls." That makes more sense. Actually, that sounds just like arancini, and what arrives at your table looks just like arancini: three golden-brown fritters, each as big as a toddler's fist, served with marinara sauce.

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