A Reader Hungers for a Cinnamon Bun of Yore


A reader asks for my help:
I don't know how old you are so you may or may not remember these. I recall a great 'cinnamon bun' we called them...that my grandfather used to pick up from a bakery somewhere off of Grand Ave. in North St. Louis. They were rectangular in shape, the dough was like an egg bread, and the top was covered with cinnamon.

We would slice them horizontally and smear them with butter. Yummm...the best breakfast/late night snack treat ever. I have no idea what they were really called. They are not like a cinnamon roll. This would have been in the late '50's early 60's. Any ideas?
This is well before my time in St. Louis, so I turn to you, Gut Check readers, for help.