Celeb Chef Adam Richman Puts His Nose Where it Doesn't Belong



On Saturday, the unthinkable happened. The New York Wine and Food Festival marked its third day with chef Morimoto's sushi and a karaoke party at the Harvard Club.

And while we might be able to support Bizarre Food host Andrew Zimmern getting all Axl Rose on our asses with his version of "Sweet Child o' Mine," we were skeptical about Man vs. Food star Adam Richman busting a move to "The Humpty Dance." But word traveled fast that Richman did a decent job, getting down Digital Underground-style.

This morning, however, Richman ruined any goodwill generated by his retro novelty hip-hop by creating an image no one needs to visualize early on a Tuesday morning. Thanks, Twitter, for ruining our day with this:

I have no shame. Cause in a 69 my foodie nose will tickle your rear....http://t.co/ZRpB1tfw
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He just had to say "foodie," didn't he?

Check out his performance. If you must.