Life Imitates Art, the @DadBoner and Chili's Edition



We at Gut Check International Headquarters are big fans of @DadBoner, the Twitter account that chronicles the daily adventures of Karl Welzein, a (presumably) fictional Michigan everyman who loves drinking, bowel movements, Wing Wednesdays, Guy Fieri and looking forward to the weekend.

Kark's tweets frequently mention food, and if one phrase could capture his culinary philosophy, it would be "bold flavors." Like so:


And so:


And also so:


Which is why an article in today's New York Times article about Chili's caught our eye.

Chili's, trying to regain momentum against newer, "cooler" competitors, is launching a new ad campaign emphasizing, yes, its bold flavors.

"We want to play up the boldness of the brand," said Krista Gibson, senior vice president for brand strategy at Brinker International, Chili's parent company, about the new spot, which is scheduled for an Oct. 3 premiere. "How he behaves is bold, how she behaves is bold, and the food we're featuring in the spot is boldly flavored."
We applaud Chili's for embracing the white-hot @DadBoner. Frankly, we think the company should take the obvious next step and have Welzein be its spokesperson. After all, he's already given the company free publicity: